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Pizza Night - From Dough to Dinner

Adult Enrichment / Cooking -
Fall 2021

The foundation of a great pizza is the dough, and Don probably knows more about dough than anyone else in town! Learn how to make delicious pizza from scratch. We will cover classics like Neapolitan-style pizza Margherita and diversions like white (ricotta) pizza and green (pesto) pizza too. Also, learn about Sicilian-style pizza and what makes it different. Lots of topping options will be available that both vegetarians and meat-lovers will enjoy this course. We will even make great lactose-free pizza! Come alone or with a friend to share the fun.

Enjoy this “participation type” hands-on course. We will utilize the professional cafeteria kitchen at Irving A. Robbins Middle School. Class size will be limited, so be sure to sign up early!

The course fee includes the cost of food.

Don Dickey


I have been interested in cooking since watching my mother prepare the food we enjoyed growing up. Like many people, I got side-tracked during several years of college and graduate school. After that I found myself living on my own and wanting to eat more than mac and cheese. Perhaps more importantly, I wanted something to do in the evening instead of watching TV! So, I started taking cooking classes in local adult education programs. They were affordable, usually taught by folks who love what they're doing, and a great place to meet others who share a common interest.

Since this humble beginning I have taken a wide range of cooking courses in Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, and Mexican cuisines along with an equally wide range of wine appreciation courses at Manchester Community College. Specialized seminars in French puff pastry and others have filled in some gaps.

After relocating to the Hartford area in 1982 I continued taking cooking courses. Shortly thereafter it became obvious that bread classes like I had taken were unavailable here. In an effort to fill this gap, I began my teaching career in South Windsor, initially focusing on breads and later including soup making in my offerings.

Career highlights include making the bread for dinner with Julia Child and her husband, taping a bread tips show for WHC-TV, cooking in LifeLearn's booth at Celebrate West Hartford and having recipes published in Gathering Around the Table, The Hartford Courant, and my own books At the Stove with Don and Bread Class Recipes.


  Don Dickey

Irving Robbins Middle School : Cafeteria Kitchen
Thursday, Nov 18
6:00 - 8:30 PM


Min Age   16 yr.

$ 35.00
Course Fee
Registration begins  
Aug. 1st